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On a rural western Massachusetts street there stood a very stately Tulip Poplar tree. At its base, it was 4-feet through. It was a tall, handsome landmark tree; the species is the tallest growing eastern hardwood, particularly in the southern Appalachians. Also known as Tuliptree, the Tulip Poplar is actually not a true Poplar, but a member of the Magnolia family. 

Sadly though, this one had an old injury, most likely had been struck by a vehicle, and consequently was hollow at the base. The town decided it had to come down, and so it did. I miss the tree's grand and prominent stature, especially because it marked the entrance to the Piper Farm conservation area. But the good news is, it left us some very pretty wood, some of the heartwood being known as Rainbow Poplar for its various shades of purple, green and brown.

The first piece completed from the lot is this hollow vessel capped with a Purpleheart collar. A look at the photos will reveal some streaks of purple on the side of the vessel too. The wood of the Tulip, or Yellow, Poplar is a joy to work, and it finishes up beautifully.
Silky smooth, medium gloss finish.
Diameter:  5
1/2 inches.
   Height:  7
1/2 inches.

     Price:  $245
Shipping:  $15 to U.S. destinations. Contact me for international rates.   See Shipping for details. 

Maple and Mahogany Hollow Wood Vessel (HF22)

Wooden Vessel Gallery 2

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Tulip Poplar Carved Hollow Wood Vessel (HF58)

Tulip Poplar Hollow Wood Vessel (HF54)

A segmented neck of Mahogany, with Maple veneers, caps this Maple vessel, whose focal point is a bark inclusion on one side.
Semi-gloss, hand rubbed finish.
Diameter:  3
1/2 inches.
    Height:  7
3/4 inches.

     Price:  $145
Shipping:  $12 to U.S. destinations. Contact me for international rates.    See Shipping for details. 

What almost became a piece of firewood has "turned" (pardon the pun) into one of my favorite hollow vessels. I had turned some of this Siberian Elm wood in the past and wasn't particularly impressed with it. But this chunk was a crotch where a large limb diverged from the trunk of the tree, and it appeared to have some promising figure, so onto the lathe it went. That decision was fortunate, as it uncovered a simply beautiful area in the wood where the grain twists and swirls around, and contains a swath of curly, 3-d flame figure that's quite pretty.

The piece was turned to shape, hollowed, and capped with a neck ring of California Claro Walnut Burl wood, whose color nicely complements the Elm.  Finally, after sanding, the vessel was finished with 10 coats of tung oil, then buffed and polished with fine waxes.

Diameter:  6 inches.
   Height:  4 inches.

     Price:  $225
Shipping:  $15 (max) to U.S. destinations. Contact me for international rates.  See Shipping for details.

A partial log of Boxelder, supplied to me by a friend, contained some of the most vivid ambrosia staining I've seen in this species. It's caused by an Ambrosia fungus, introduced into the wood by Ambrosia beetles, which feed on the fungus as it grows inside the tree. It produces some of the most intriguing and beautiful natural color designs in wood there is.

The vessel was shaped and hollowed while still wet, allowed to dry, then re-turned to bring it back into round again.

Gloss finish.
Diameter:  6 inches.
   Height:  10
1/2 inches.

     Price:  $800
Shipping:  $22 (max) to U.S. destinations. Contact me for international rates.  See Shipping for details. 

This hollow vessel of Tulip Poplar features a raised ring of carved leaves around the opening; they were carved into the wood after it was turned on the lathe, then dyed green. Also prominently featured are patches of violet coloring as found in the wood on the sides of the vessel.
You can read the story of the tree that supplied this wood in the June 21, 2013 section of the Bowlwood blog.
Smooth, gloss finish.
Diameter:  5 inches.
   Height:  6
1/2 inches.

     Price:  $600
Shipping:  $22 (max) to U.S. destinations.  Contact me for international rates.   See Shipping for details.

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Ambrosia Boxelder Hollow Wood Vessel (HF72)

Siberian Elm and Walnut Burl Hollow Wood Vessel (HF26)