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Australian Bimble Box Burl Wood Bowl (BW119)

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"Show Me The Honey !"  Black Bear on Wood Plate (PLD23)

Large Sassafras Wood Bowl (BW146)

Wooden Bowl Gallery 3   

Pear wood is wonderful to work with, cutting like butter. It's solid, dense, and has a silky character. I don't often have access to it, so it's a treat when it does become available. This bowl is weighty, and has a traditionally substantial feel when you pick it up. The rim is textured with dimples along the side of the bowl.

Smooth, lustrous finish, which has been buffed and polished.

Diameter: 10 inches
   Height:  3
1/2 inches

     Price: $175
Shipping: $15 (max) to U.S. destinations.  Contact me for international rates.  See Shipping for details.

Pear Wood Bowl (BW354)

This Poplar wooden plate is one in a series of wonderfully detailed woodburnings of nature/wildlife subjects by artist Debra Silva, who is an accomplished artist whose talents include drawing, painting, photography, etching, jewelry making, computer graphics, and pyrography. Her wildlife drawings have been published in Massachusetts Wildlife magazine.  The subject of this pyrography (woodburning) is a delightfully rendered Black Bear cub doing his best to have a taste of fresh honey from a beekeeper's hive boxes, an event seen all too often in these parts.

The lightweight wood has a satin finish of hand-rubbed varnish, followed by buffing and polishing with hard wax. It is signed by the artist.
For collectors, watch for more of Deb's nature and wildlife artwork on wood coming soon.

Diameter: 9 inches
   Height:  3/4 inch

     Price: $225
Shipping: $12 to U.S. destinations.  Contact me for international rates.  See Shipping for details.  

Bimble Box is a very pretty Eucalyptus species (dense and hard), as this burl bowl shows. It has a honey gold heartwood color, with a splash of creamy tan sapwood in the center. Scattered small voids (typical of burls) have been filled with a royal blue inlay (visible in the zoomed-in views). The rim has a partial natural edge.

The finish is several coats of tung oil varnish, which was buffed and polished with hard carnauba wax to a soft, satin lustre.

Diameter: 11
1/4 inches
   Height:  2
1/8 inches

     Price: $295
Shipping: $22 (max) to U.S. destinations.  Contact me  for international rates. See  Shipping  for details.

It's a treat to work Sassafras wood, because it has a great, spicy fragrance that quickly fills the shop. Here in the forests of Western Massachusetts, we don't usually find large Sassafras trees; most are a foot or less in diameter. But I was fortunate to find a 15-inch tree that had been down on the ground for years. While its sapwood was rotted, the heartwood was in perfect condition, and it yielded this 131/2 inch bowl. There is a large, sound knot that provides a focal point in the side of the bowl, and there is a bead turned into the top of the rim.

The bowl has a very smooth, lustrous finish, which has been buffed and polished.

Diameter: 13
1/2 inches
   Height:  4
1/4 inches

     Price: $325
Shipping: $22 (max) to U.S. destinations.  Contact me for international rates.  See Shipping for details.

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