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Mulberry Burl Keepsake Box (BX134)

Slippery Elm & Gingko Carved Wood Box (BX81)

Wooden Box Gallery 1

Slippery Elm (aka Red Elm) is the medium brown shell of this wooden box, forming the carved tree silhouettes and lid. A liner of Gingko was inserted after the carving was completed, and the box was hollowed. The lid is topped with a pull of Black Palm.

Medium-gloss lacquer finish.

Diameter: 3
1/4 inches
   Height: 3
3/4 inches  

     Price: $135
Shipping: $12 to U.S. destinations. Contact me for international rates.

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In late summer each year, the birds frantically mob mulberry trees to gorge on the tasty fruits hanging like jewels from the trees. And when a mulberry tree comes down, woodturners often exhibit the same kind of behavior to get at the bright yellow wood. Although it often slowly changes from bright yellow to a beautiful russet color, the wood of Red Mulberry is universally appealing. It's even more cherished when burl figure is involved, as in the case of this keepsake box.

Soft, semi-gloss finish.
Diameter: 5
1/2 inches 
    Height: 4
1/2 inches to top of pull

     Price: $140
Shipping: $12 to U.S. destinations.  Contact me for international rates.

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