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Bradford Pear has become a favored ornamental tree in many New England locations, as it puts on quite a display in spring. Especially when lined up in rows along a lane, they look like so many buckets of popcorn when loaded with showy white flowers. Below the rim of this bowl is a detail pyrography band in a mottled pattern, burned into the creamy white wood. Picture ruby red apples stacked in this bowl. Maybe more appropriately, some luscious pears fresh from the orchard.

Finished in a silky semi-gloss, buffed with fine waxes.

Diameter: 10 inches
   Height:   4 inches

Price: $135
Shipping: $15 (max) to U.S. destinations.  Contact me for international rates.  See Shipping for details.

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Bradford Pear Wood Bowl (BW261)

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