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American Elm Floor-standing Wood Vase (EL20)

Wooden Vase Gallery 1   

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In New England, the waning days of summer already bring an autumn splash of red in the low wetlands; Red Maples are transforming their green foliage to their namesake color. Let the fall display begin!  From one such tree comes this unusually patterned vase. The streaks are the result of stains caused by the Ambrosia beetle, which gives the wood its alternate name, "Ambrosia Maple".

The finish is hand rubbed, then buffed and polished with fine waxes to a semi-gloss sheen.

Diameter:  7 inches     Height:  6
1/2 inches 
     Price: $260
Shipping: $15 to U.S. destinations.  Contact me for international rates.

Fashioned from one piece of an American Elm log, the vase stands 291/4 inches tall. I can picture it in a foyer with some arching plumes of feathery reeds in it, replicating the branches.  Please note that the vase is intended to hold only dry materials, such as dried flowers, grasses, feathers, etc.

Diameter: 6 inches    Height: 29
1/4 inches 
     Price: $425
Shipping: $22 (max) to U.S. destinations. Contact me for international rates.   See Shipping for details.

Red Maple Wood Vase (RM03)

This floor-standing vase is a minor tribute to the beauty of the spreading American Elms that used to cast their shade on so many of our avenues. In the last century or so those Elms gracefully flared into a classic vase shape with arching branches unlike any other tree's form. There are still some of these regal sentries to be found along town commons here and there, so appreciate them while you can, for they're coming down fast. It's a shame we're losing them to an introduced disease.