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A whorl of showy branches intersect with the surface of this southwestern style pod vessel of Norfolk Island Pine. Encircling the central hole through which the vessel was hollowed is a collar of Manzanita Burl.

Buffed gloss finish.
Diameter: 9 inches
   Height:  2
1/2 inches 

     Price: $460
Shipping: $18 (max) to U.S. destinations.  Contact me for international rates. See Shipping for details.

Black Locust Hollow Wood Vessel (HF46)

Also known as False Acacia, Black Locust is actually a legume, a member of the pea family. Its fragrant flowers load the fresh springtime air with perfume. But that more feminine aspect of its character belies the strong, rugged nature of the wood in this tree. It's long been a favorite fencepost wood, due to its durability and rot resistance.

All that aside though, the wood of Black Locust is, in itself, a reason to cherish this tree, for its yellow-gold tones add greatly to the pleasing grain.

This hollow vessel features a large knot spanning most of the front side. And there is an area of flame figure at the bottom left of the knot (click on the last photo) that exhibits what is called "chatoyance" (a 3-dimensional grain effect that changes with the angle of light). A turquoise-colored ring of inlay provides detail at the shoulder, and a collar of carved flutes underscores the neck.

The finish is hand rubbed, machine buffed and polished with fine waxes to a gloss sheen.
Diameter:  4
1/2 inches
    Height:  7
1/2 inches 

     Price: $225
Shipping: $15 (max) to U.S. destinations.  Contact me for international rates. See Shipping for details.

"Midnight Pumpkin"  Tulip Poplar Hollow Wood Vessel (HF57)

A series of carved flutes grace this turned, hollow vessel of Tulip (Yellow) Poplar.  You can read the story of the tree that supplied this wood in the June 21, 2013 section of the Bowlwood blog.

Buffed gloss finish.
Diameter: 7
1/2 inches
    Height:  8
1/4 inches 

     Price: $650
Shipping: $18 (max) to U.S. destinations.  Contact me for international rates. See Shipping for details.

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Norfolk Island Pine Hollow Wood Vessel (HF55)

In New England, and other areas of the eastern U.S., the Red Maple tree can be found growing in almost any habitat type there is, but particularly favors wet swamps. It is often a host for Ambrosia beetles, which bore into the bark and lay their eggs in the wood, infecting the tree with Ambrosia fungus in the process. That creates the dark streaks commonly seen in the wood.  Such a streak is the focal point of this hollow vessel, the body of which is turned from Red Maple. An applied neck of segmented Walnut and Maple veneer complete the form.

Semi-gloss, hand rubbed finish.
Diameter:  3
1/4 inches.
    Height:  8 inches.

     Price:  $145
Shipping:  $12 (max) to U.S. destinations. Contact me for international rates.  See Shipping for details.

Ambrosia Maple and Walnut Hollow Wood Vase (HF23)

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