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                                                                                               Shipping Charges

 Specified shipping prices are for mainland U.S.A. destinations only, and usually include insurance. I usually ship by USPS Priority Mail, and will do so if the shipping amount charged covers that cost. If it does not cover the cost of Priority Mail, I may ship via USPS Ground (unless you request express service, for which there will be an additional charge).  See "International Shipping" below for destinations outside the U.S.


Because web-based automatic shipping cost calculators are unreliable, I don't use them. And due to the great variability of item sizes and weights, it's not possible to know in advance what the actual shipping cost will be to your destination, so each item has a fixed shipping charge listed, which is my best estimate of what the actual cost will be. The shipping cost listed with each item is the amount that will be charged; however, if the listed amount is significantly higher than the actual cost of packaging and shipping to you, I will issue a prompt refund of the excess via PayPal.

You will not pay more shipping cost than the indicated amount, unless we first agree on additional charges (eg, for express/overnight shipping).


                                                                                                   Multiple-Item Orders
If you purchase multiple items, each item's listed shipping charge will be accumulated to the total shipping cost in PayPal. This will likely result in excessive shipping costs being charged;  however, if the total shipping charge exceeds the actual cost of packaging and shipping the items, I will promptly issue a refund of the excess amount via PayPal.


                                                                                    International Shipping

Customers outside the U.S.A. must contact me prior to purchasing an item, to decide on shipping method (do not use the "Add to Cart" buttons). I will calculate the shipping cost to your destination and email you a Paypal invoice for the total purchase amount. Once the invoice is paid, the order will ship.

Shipments to countries outside the U.S.A. will usually be via the U.S. Postal Service, which I have found to be the least expensive method for the size packages I ship.

Shipment times to foreign countries are unpredictable, and I cannot guarantee quick delivery; usually the package arrives in the destination country reasonably quickly, but it may be delayed in that country's Customs facility for unspecified reasons.

The postal service "class" of shipment I recommend is "Priority International", which has been reasonably fast, and allows insurance coverage. Tracking is available to major destinations.

There are express shipment classes available (Express Mail International; Global Express Guaranteed) to many countries which may be somewhat faster, but also significantly more expensive; tracking is available with these services.

 There is also First Class International, which is the least expensive class, but does not allow insurance coverage; it is also the slowest class. If you request the use of First Class International, you will assume all responsibility for loss or damage during shipment, since no insurance is available. Tracking is available only to the point where the package leaves the U.S.A.; once it has left the U.S.A., it can no longer be tracked by the Postal Service under First Class International.                                                                           

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