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Customer Comments

Thank you to all who have taken the time to send comments - they're appreciated !

Bowlwood                                    Distinctive Handcrafted Wooden Bowls and More 
                                                                                         featuring fine Burls and Hardwoods  

The bowl arrived today.... it's fabulous! How do you do it?  - FP, Washington

Good Evening Ray,
I just wanted to say that I received your beautiful bowl just before heading up to Vermont yesterday, so it was perfect timing to take it to my daughter and her husband. I was so excited to see it in person and it was more wonderful than expected.  It was a beautiful colour and all the intricate patterns were so interesting to see all over it.  It was much appreciated by the couple and was admired by those who had a chance to see it. Thanks again for a piece that will become a family heirloom and I wish you continued success.  - HS, Massachusetts

Just received the urn. And it is beautiful! What a job you did. I can’t think of a more fitting tribute for Kira to have such a beautiful resting place. You actually inspired me and I am taking a bowl making class tomorrow (think I have a long way to go to catch up to you…Ha!).
I referred one of my friends to your site as she is also looking for an urn.  Can’t thank you enough Ray…Fantastic job!  -KM, Connecticut

Hello Ray, After purchasing the "Curly Figured Maple wood bowl", I wish to purchase today both the "Sugar Maple Burl wood bowl" and the "Bigleaf Maple Burl wood bowl".  They both offer different design styles and will be nice complements. -MB, Marseille, France

I just picked up the yew bowl at the Post Office. This is seriously gorgeous. The colors, the swirly patterns, and the finish are all excellent. -DK, Washington

Ray, my wife absolutely loved the bowl! Beautiful piece of wood, beautifully made. You are a true craftsman and artist. -DG, New York

All of the pieces are beautiful Ray!   Don't be surprised if I turn into a repeat customer. -NA, Indiana

I received the items. I love the burl vase. It is exquisite. -LN, California

I just did a google search on decorative hardwood bowls and saw pictures. The one I liked linked me to your site. Beautiful work! Thanks again! -RM, California

Ray, The burl bowls are gorgeous. I am an amateur turner just starting out, I have done some bowls and platters but when I saw this burl, wow. -RE, Virginia

Hello Ray, We have just received the bowl. It more than lives up to our expectations. Rarely have we seen silver maple that beautiful. Delicacy of form and craftsmanship not only respond to, but enhance its beauty. Bauhaus' well known saying "die Form die aus der Funktion kommt", could read here "form follows wood". With best regards -MB, Marseille, France

The red oak bowl I purchased is beautiful. It is a retirment gift for a friend. I am sure he will find the same beauty in this piece. The craftsmanship is divine. Thank you for sharing your creations. -GG, Kentucky

Ray, earlier this week my parents received the cherry burl bowl I purchased from you for their birthdays. My Mom is a master gardener who is not prone to effusive descriptions about how things look. Thus, I was both surprised and pleased when she told me that bowl was "really pretty" no less than 4 times during our most recent phone conversation. It is now placed in the center of their dining room table, just below an antique crystal chandelier. That room is everyone's favorite room in my parents' house, so I expect my Mom's prominent placement of the bowl will make it an instant heirloom. Thank you so much for the artistry in your work and the ease of purchasing something so beautiful on line. I will be back in Minnesota this summer and I can't wait to see it in person! Sincerely -RP, Massachusetts

Hi Ray, received the vessel yesterday. It’s an absolutely beautiful piece! The craftsmanship is outstanding! Back story: My wife ran across your work on Etsy and went off the deep end over it. I think we looked at every piece on both the Etsy & Bowlwood sites, but she kept coming back to the Kelp Forest vessel. We’re in the process of building a house (amost done). On our first night in our new home I will be presenting the Kelp Forest vessel to her as a “house warming” gift. -BM, North Carolina

Oh, Ray! The box arrived yesterday and I opened it last night. Thank you for the careful packaging. It is so beautiful – it seems to be lit from within and very much alive. That was unexpected. I could not ask for more. Thank you for the wonderful experience and a piece that I will cherish. -GC, Georgia

Ray, I just wanted to thank you and tell how much my wife and I enjoy this beautiful Australian Mulga Wood Bowl. Your craftsmanship and artistic design is gorgeous. I also couldn't get over the weight of that bowl. No wonder the aborigines used to use that wood for shields and digging items. Thanks again and we will enjoy this bowl of yours for years to come. -JH, Wisconsin

The Apple bowl has arrived and OMG.....it's beautiful!
Thank you so much. -JM, Germany

Recently I have purchased 3 items from you. Each have exceeded my expectation – thank you. -JV, New Jersey

Dear Ray, The Lilac Blast (vessel) arrived Tuesday and it’s even more beautiful than it was on your website. -JM, Tennessee

Good evening Ray,
  Returned home a short while ago and wanted to let you know that we think you've hit another "home run". The Yellow Box Burl bowl is a winner in our estimation, and, like the Yew bowl, it is for us "eye candy". What is particularly appealing, in addition to the wonderful darker coloration of the heart wood melding into the lighter shades of the sap wood, is the asymmetrical shape of the bowl with the taper down to the base. Suffice it to say we just love it. We are so very pleased with your work/creations and we are proud to have these pieces in our home. Thank you!   -CB, New Hampshire

Hello Ray,
As you may recall I purchased two of your bowls at Christmastime for my wife. We are thrilled with the bowls, the black cherry bowl is stunning! We really appreciate your art work. Thanks much! -JM, Oklahoma

Thanks so much - the box is beautiful! It will be a wedding anniversary present for my wife, for our fifth anniversary.  -JP, Cape Cod

Ray, the bowl arrived today. It is beautiful and exactly as I hoped. I am looking forward to my wife's reaction when she opens it next weekend.  -CC, San Jose

The bowl is really beautiful with very nice proportions, thickness and shape; it feels right in the hands, and it fits my table perfectly, looks like it was always meant to be there but missing before. It also has a really lovely colour and figure to the wood which I could look at without getting bored like the surface of the moon on a clear night. I have a smaller English oak burl bowl for nuts and this bigger cherry bowl is for fruit. Thank you for making something so beautiful with such feeling for the wood - you are a real craftsman- and a good business man too since your website really gives an honest view, as much as is possible with digital images, of your work.   -AM, Belgium

About a year ago, I bought an aged black cherry burl wood bowl from you. It is just beautiful, and we have enjoyed it very much. Can I order another from you? -ME, Washington, D.C.

Ray, Beautiful workmanship. Both bowls are much more distinctive in person than suggested by the photos. Our newlyweds will have a lifelong treasure. Thank you so much. -BG, Florida

Hi Ray, We just took receipt of our bowls today. They look great! Just what we
were looking for. Thank you for creating these for us. I am sure we'll enjoy them for many years to come. -AW, Amsterdam

Ray, I received the vessel today and it is absolutely beautiful. -DR, Arizona