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Welcome to Bowlwood, the gallery site of New England woodturner Ray Asselin, maker of fine, handcrafted burl wood bowls, vases, hollow vessels, keepsake and jewelry boxes, lamps, and other lathe-turned items.

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Turned wood bowls have been utilitarian items since about 1300 bc. Today, they're also valued as decorative art objects in their own right. The wooden bowls and other turnings I make, though functional, are intended to be displayed and appreciated as works of nature's art. They show the beauty to be found in various woods, particularly in hardwood burls.

Each piece is personally handmade (and signed) by me on a woodturning lathe in my small Western Massachusetts workshop. Hopefully, they will bring great enjoyment to those who appreciate the warmth, texture, color, figure, and grain of wood.

If you are searching for a one-of-a-kind wooden bowl, jewelry or keepsake box, hollow vessel, or wood vase handcrafted in the traditional way, please visit the gallery, where you can see and purchase my latest work.

Additional woodturnings are for sale at my Etsy site,          

To read about some of the Bowlwood works, as well as eastern tree and old-growth forest topics, visit my blog.

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Original Wooden Shaker Bowl (Kalina Photography)

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